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Does Your Business Or Project Require VMS Boards?

Variable message signs (VMS) are the LED light signs you see whenever you come up on traffic and roadworks. In fact, roadworks are the most common association people make when VMS boards come to mind. However, they have so many more uses than just traffic control. Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia are suppliers of a vast range of traffic control equipment, including the latest in VMS board technology. We understand the many uses and benefits of hiring VMS boards. 

The Benefits of Using VMS Boards

Often, VMS boards are far more effective than traditional traffic control signs. Here are a few reasons why more project managers and business owners are choosing to hire VMS boards.

  • They grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians. The bright lights and captivating colours you can use on VMS boards is eye catching for drivers and pedestrians alike. Periodic flashing is even more effective at grabbing people’s attention.

  • High visibility in wet weather or fog. If it’s pouring rain, it can be hard to see the road in front of you, let alone signs in the distance. Whether you’re promoting your business or advising road users of upcoming road works, a VMS board is more effective in all weather.

  • Customisable. Traditional traffic control signage can be useful if the job is straightforward. However, if you need to communicate a specific message to drivers and pedestrians, VMS boards allow you to customise your phrasing. Customisation is particularly beneficial when using VMS boards to promote your business, as you can display your brand name and logo.

  • Turn on and off with ease. Traditional traffic control signage remains in the same place until collected, which you may not be able to do until hours after your project has finished. VMS boards have remote control, meaning you can switch your message on and off as you need.

  • Solar powered or battery operated. You can opt for a solar or battery powered board depending on whether you need your sign during the day or for nightworks.

  • Better visibility at night. While traditional traffic control signage are visible when lit with headlights, VMS boards allow drivers to anticipate changes to road conditions further away.


When Might You Need VMS Boards?

There are several reasons you might need a VMS board to advertise your message to the world.

  • Alerting drivers to changes in road conditions. VMS boards are the ideal way to notify drivers of temporary speed changes, upcoming roadworks, and congestion ahead.

  • Promoting your business. If you have a sale you’d like to advertise, there’s no better way than with a VMS board out by the road. Every driver will see your message, and you’ll attract more customers.

  • Event promotion. If there is an event occurring nearby, a VMS sign can either entice people to attend or alert drivers to potential changes in traffic conditions in the immediate area.

  • Directing traffic. Whether you need to alert drivers to a detour or guide them to car parks, VMS boards are excellent tools for directing traffic wherever you need it to go.

Customise Your VMS Boards

VMS boards are very straightforward and user friendly. They may differ slightly depending on how modern they are, but most allow for ample user customisation.

  • Colourful messaging. Some VMS boards for hire come with generic amber text, perfect for the no-nonsense business who want to communicate a serious message. However, if you’d like to play around with colour, hire a 5-colour VMS board to create eye-catching, playful messages.

  • Resize your lettering. If you’ve got a simple, short message to display, you’ll want it to take up as much space as possible to maximise its visibility. You can resize your letters to be as big or as small as you need them to appear. 

  • Have as many ‘slides’ as you need. For longer messages, you may need it to flash between two screens. You can create as many ‘slides’ as your message requires, and the VMS board will flick between your screens.

  • Set display times. If you only need your message displayed between certain times, you can program your VMS board to only display between those periods.

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When You Need To Hire A VMS Board, Contact Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia

Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia has over 45 years of experience in traffic management projects, so we know exactly what you need to ensure your traffic control plan is seamlessly implemented. When it comes to traffic control equipment, there is no one more qualified to be providing advice and supplying innovative traffic control technologies such as VMS boards. If you’re interested in hiring a VMS board through Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia, please contact us today. 


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