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How Traffic Control On The Gold Coast Can Make Your Event Planning Seamless

When you’re in charge of planning an event on the Gold Coast, your mind is often so preoccupied with food, drinks, and hiring enough portaloos that it can be easy to forget about traffic management. That’s why it can be easier to leave your traffic control on the Gold Coast in the hands of professionals like Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia. While we take care of all things traffic-related, you can get on with planning the other important aspects of your event.

Pedestrian Traffic Control On The Gold Coast

Events have very heavy foot traffic in car parks, in the event space, and the areas surrounding the event. Pedestrian management needs to be an integral part of your traffic control plan on the Gold Coast. Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia can ensure your plan includes;

  • Clearly marked walkways. Wherever vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic overlap, you’ll need to provide designated walkways. These paths must be signposted and barricaded to ensure pedestrian safety.

  • Pedestrian entrances and exits. These entry and exit points will need to be managed by traffic controllers on the Gold Coast to prevent overcrowding and ensure the consistent flow of foot traffic. There should be separate areas for bag checks, ID checks, and customer enquiries to prevent queues from spilling onto vehicle routes.

  • Safe crossing areas. If pedestrians cross vehicle routes anywhere in your event space, you need to have safety measures in place. Traffic lights, signs, traffic controllers, and barriers are all effective traffic management on the Gold Coast.

  • Adequate staffing. You need to ensure there is enough staff available to process tickets, do wrist-banding, provide security, and answer questions so pedestrian traffic can continue to move along.

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Event Parking

Anyone who has attended or organised an event on the Gold Coast knows that parking can be a nightmare if not correctly managed. Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia preempt your parking situation by considering several variables.

  • Will there be onsite parking? If so, you’ll need to designate this area away from the event space and provide clear signage directing patrons toward it. 

  • Will your patron parking be away from the event space? You need to provide clearly defined walkways from the car park to the event space. You also need to minimise the risks associated with moving vehicles and pedestrians occupying the same area. If the traffic is heavy, Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia will provide a traffic controller on the Gold Coast.

  • Where will you locate your disabled, senior, and parents parking? You need to designate these spaces as close to event entrances and exits as possible.

  • Will workers and patrons park together? If so, consider cordoning off a section of the car park for event staff only.

Set Up And Pack Up Traffic Control On The Gold Coast

One of the most logistically stressful parts of event organisation is the setup and pack up. There seem to be people and vehicles everywhere, lots of noise and chaos, and it looks as though everyone has a question to ask. Let us answer at least a couple of those questions with our plans for comprehensive traffic management on the Gold Coast. We can plan for;

  • Clearly designated vehicle entrances and exits that are monitored by our qualified traffic controllers on the Gold Coast.

  • Mirrors, sensors, and alarms to increase vehicle visibility.

  • Designated routes for moving vehicles around the event space.

  • Signage offering directions and dictating on-site speed limits.

  • Clearly identified loading and unloading zones.

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When Planning An Event On The Gold Coast, Contact Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia

When it comes to traffic control on the Gold Coast, Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia are industry leaders. We specialise in creating effective, innovative traffic management solutions that aim to ensure the safety of both road users and pedestrians. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, high standards, and our commitment to traffic safety. If you’re planning an event and need a company equipped for traffic management on the Gold Coast, contact us today to find out how we can make event planning simpler.


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