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3 Situations In Which A Traffic Control Plan Is Essential

We often take traffic control in Brisbane for granted. Without effective traffic control services, Brisbane’s roads would be absolute havoc. Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia are a Brisbane-based traffic control company and our management team has been providing traffic management solutions to the river city for over 45 years. In that time, we’ve identified three fundamental situations that rely heavily on a thorough traffic control plan.

Traffic Control For Construction Sites

Construction sites can be dangerous places at the best of times. With so much vehicle and pedestrian traffic, it is necessary for construction sites to have a traffic management plan, traffic control equipment, and a traffic controller to supervise movement. Site managers will need to develop a traffic control plan that;

  • Minimises vehicle movement. For the safety of all pedestrians, vehicles must only move when absolutely necessary, and there should be very little reversing if possible.

  • Maximises visibility. Sites must make use of high-vis clothing, concave mirrors, and clear lines of sight wherever possible. If you need high visibility equipment for your construction site, Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia supplies a vast range of traffic control equipment in Brisbane.

  • Emphasises separation between pedestrians and vehicles. Sites require clear walkways for pedestrians that are a fair distance from moving vehicles.

  • Utilises traffic signs throughout the site. Effective sign placement provides both drivers and pedestrians with clear guidance, keeping everyone onsite safe.

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Traffic Control For Road Works

When sourcing traffic control services in Brisbane, it’s essential to approach a company that knows the city well. Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia understand Brisbane’s roads better than anyone. So when it comes to implementing a roadworks traffic plan, we cover;

  • The type of road works project. We first establish whether your project is short-term mobile work requiring only partial road closures, or whether it’s a complex, longer-term arrangement. Understanding the project then helps inform the remainder of our plan.

  • Traffic routing. We assess whether it’s easier for traffic to pass through, around, or past your site. 

  • Special vehicle requirements. There’s a chance your road works project may require over-dimensional or restricted vehicles. If so, we can plan traffic control accordingly.

  • Traffic demand. Before work begins, we evaluate the traffic conditions of your worksite at all times of the day. This enables us to establish work times that cause minimal traffic interruptions and helps us determine how much road space is required for traffic flow.

  • Traffic control. We need to establish whether your traffic management plan will require traffic controllers, police officers, traffic signals, or a combination of these measures. 

  • Other road users. At Dynamic Traffic Industries, we acknowledge that cars aren’t the only impacted road users when roadworks occur. We factor in pedestrians, bicycles, school children, local residents, and emergency vehicles into our traffic management plans. 

Traffic Control For Events 

When planning an event, it’s easy to get swept up in organising food, entertainment, ticketing, marketing, and all the other aspects of event coordination. It’s crucial, however, that you remember to consider a traffic control plan in your organisational process. If you don’t have the time, you can always leave your traffic management in the hands of a traffic control company in Brisbane. Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia has plenty of experience orchestrating strategic traffic control plans for Brisbane events, so we can ensure you plan includes;

  • Parking logistics. Your plan needs to account for parking for event patrons, event staff, and any trucks or machinery vital to the set-up and pack down. To ensure people park in the correct places, you should consider hiring a traffic controller in Brisbane.

  • Set-up and pack down traffic plans. When assembling or disassembling an event, there are a lot of cars, trucks, trailers, forklifts, and machines driving around. You must plan the direction of this traffic to mitigate delays, issues, and injuries.

  • Pedestrian/crowd control plans. You must provide pedestrians with walkways and crossings in areas where moving vehicles are present. Additionally, your pedestrian management plan should account for the end of the day, when large crowds of people are leaving all at once.

  • Public transport. If bus stops or train stations are nearby, you will need to factor this into your traffic control plan. It’s likely people will catch public transport to your event if they are able.

  • Emergency vehicle access. Your traffic control plan must allow for emergency services to easily access the premises. Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia are more than capable of ensuring your event has plenty of accessibility for emergency vehicles.

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Why Choose Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia For Traffic Control Services?

With over 45 years of experience in traffic control, the team at Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia are Brisbane’s first choice for effective traffic management. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, high-standards, and dedication to creating safer roads in the Brisbane area. Whatever your traffic control needs, Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia will work to find a solution that suits you. If you’d like to enquire about our traffic control services in Brisbane, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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