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How Dynamic Traffic Industries Efficiently Organise Your Traffic Permits

Organising a traffic permit is stressful at the best of times. Getting all your paperwork together and submitting applications can take valuable time away from your project. So, why not leave your permit applications in the capable hands of the team at Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia? When it comes to getting permits approved in record time, Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia are the experts.

Allow Us To Submit Your Traffic Permits

When you let Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia organise your applications for Council and Main Roads, we can have them turned around within just 24 hours.

  • We’ll get your application together. If you hire Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia, we’ll take care of the pesky paperwork for you.

  • We understand what is expected. Not only do we have experience in submitting applications for traffic permits, but we also understand the conditions of the application. We’ll ensure your traffic control plan meets the requirements set out in your permit so you only engage in sanctioned activities.

  • We’re a trusted provider of traffic control services. The name ‘Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia’ is familiar to those in council and at the Department of Main Roads. They know we can carry out any roadworks, event traffic management, or construction traffic control effectively and safely.

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The Ins and Outs Of Road Closures

If you require a road closure, allow Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia to take care of it for you. With over 45 years of experience in traffic management planning, we’ve orchestrated and implemented more than our fair share of road closures in south-east Queensland.

  • When will you need a road closure? You’ll need to apply for road closures if you’re conducting;

    • ​Road maintenance

    • A construction site spills out onto the road

    • Transporting cranes and other heavy machinery in and out of a site

    • Festivals, markets, filming, or any other event that requires the use of the road

    • Grass cutting or tree trimming that requires a single lane closure for worker safety

    • If you need to hang a banner over the road

  • How much will it cost? There’s usually a one-off fee of around $200-300 depending on which council you’re applying through.

  • What do you need to include in the application? Your application form, supporting documents, and the details of the company managing your traffic.

  • What then? After your application is approved, you’ll receive a certificate of assessment. This certificate stipulates the regulations with which you’re expected to comply.

  • Do you need to speak with the Queensland Police Service? After securing your application approval and certification, Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia will obtain you a police permit. Only QPS have the final authority over road closures, so gaining this permit is essential.

Our Connections With Councils, Government And Police

Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia can get permits approved quickly because of our long-standing history with authorities.

  • We’ve worked with them before. Not only have we organised many permits in the past, but we’ve also worked with government on larger-scale projects. So, they know we’re more than capable of implementing safe, effective traffic control plans for projects of any size.

  • We’re renowned all over south-east Queensland. Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia has a history of working in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba, so we’re familiar with all the councils in these areas.

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When You Need A Traffic Permit Quickly, Contact Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia

Without a traffic permit and a police permit, your project will be held at a standstill. Don’t waste time waiting around for approvals; simply hire Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia. We’ve got a demonstrated history of obtaining traffic permits quickly, and we can have your application turned around within 24 hours. So, when you need a traffic permit or a police permit, contact Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia.


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