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4 Instances You May Need A Civil Engineer On The Gold Coast

Civil engineers perform such an essential role in any project. Depending on their specialisation, a civil engineer on the Gold Coast can impact the design, planning, construction, and post-build inspection phases. Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia’s civil engineering services on the Gold Coast specialise in traffic management planning and implementation. While it may seem to many like a very niche role, effective traffic management plays a crucial role in so many projects. Here are four instances you may require civil engineering on the Gold Coast for your traffic management.

Construction Traffic Management

Without traffic management, construction sites can very quickly become dangerous places. A civil engineer on the Gold Coast can create a comprehensive traffic management plan that ensures everyone on-site avoids preventable traffic accidents. At Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia, we can make sure your construction traffic management plan includes;

  • Designated traffic paths for vehicles only.

  • Pedestrian traffic routes with predictions of where and how often pedestrians and traffic will interact.

  • Pedestrian exclusion zones in areas where there are consistently high volumes of traffic.

  • Vehicle exclusion zones where people congregate such as bathrooms, break rooms, and pedestrian entrance points.

  • Designated delivery, loading, and unloading areas.

  • Mirrors, signs, and enforced speed limits to increase driver awareness of pedestrians.

  • Traffic control procedures for an emergency, including access points for emergency vehicles.

  • A layout of barriers, walkways, signs, and other physical arrangements that will guide traffic flow.

  • An outline of the critical responsibilities of people managing traffic and the duties of people who will regularly interact with traffic such as drivers and traffic controllers.


Events Traffic Management

As event spaces have such high levels of pedestrian traffic, civil engineering services on the Gold Coast are an essential part of the traffic planning process. Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia will be sure to create a plan that considers;

  • Pedestrian traffic control. We plan for pedestrians to have access to clearly marked walkways, safe entrances and exits, adequate staffing throughout the event, and secure cross areas.

  • Parking. We understand that parking can be a source of stress for many when planning events. We strive to create spacious, safe car parks with plenty of disabled, senior, and parent parking spaces.

  • Set up and pack up logistics. Our civil engineers on the Gold Coast will ensure your event traffic control plan includes a comprehensive management plan to ensure the safety of all staff, volunteers, and drivers.

  • Emergency vehicle plan. We’ll be sure to include access points for emergency vehicles as well as a strategy to clear pedestrian traffic off emergency vehicle routes should they need to enter the venue.

Roadworks Traffic Management

Organising to have a civil engineer on the Gold Coast develop and implement your roadworks traffic management plan is essential. With such high levels of traffic, hiring a professional is crucial to maintaining the safety of road workers, road users, and pedestrians. Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia’s civil engineering services on the Gold Coast can ensure your roadworks traffic management plan covers;

  • Traffic demand. We’ll carefully evaluate the traffic conditions of your site to establish the best time for you to work. We’ll recommend a time that will cause minimal disruption to the roads.

  • Traffic routing. Whether you need to close a lane, close the whole road, or just guide traffic safely past your worksite, Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia can plan for a range of traffic conditions.

  • Traffic control. We’ll gauge whether your project requires traffic controllers, traffic signals, police, signage, or a combination of these efforts to ensure optimal safety.

  • Special vehicle requirements. If your site is seeing over-dimensional or restricted vehicles, we’ll make sure to cater to them by organising entry and exit strategies as well as safe on-site maneuvering. 

  • All road users. Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia’s civil engineering services are aware that cars aren't the only form of road traffic. Our traffic management plans cater to pedestrians, bicycles, buses, trucks, and motorbikes. We also take into considerations local residents and at-risk pedestrians such as school children so we can develop the safest traffic control plan possible.


Organising Traffic Permits and Road Closures

When you hire a civil engineer on the Gold Coast through Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia, we can guarantee 24-hour turnarounds on permit applications. Our process is quick, efficient, and ensures you can get to work sooner.

  • Your application. Whether you’re after a single lane closure or a full road closure, the team at Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia can organise your application and have it approved in no time. Our long history with local councils, government, and the police means we can push your project along in ample time. 

  • We understand the regulations. We’re very familiar with the conditions and rules associated with your application. When implementing your traffic management plan, we’ll make sure your project is meeting all the requirements, so you only engage in sanctioned activities.

  • We’re trusted civil engineers on the Gold Coast. Our business is well known in the Gold Coast region and to the people at the Department of Main Roads. They know we can carry out any project’s traffic management safely, efficiently, and professionally.

Contact Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia For A Civil Engineer On The Gold Coast

No matter what your project may be, Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia have you covered. Our civil engineers on the Gold Coast are incredibly experienced, professional, and committed to creating safer roads for all road users. We’ve worked on projects both big and small, so we’re confident that we can create a tailored traffic management plan perfectly suited to your project. If you’re looking for civil engineering services on the Gold Coast, contact Dynamic Traffic Industries Australia today.

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